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Posters & T-Shirts

Purchase our local artist-designed posters and t-shirts!  A great way to support the island community and to start a collection!

To order:  Call 508-693-5444

Festival Posters

18" x 24"

$20 per poster
$10 extra if shipping

2023 Poster Artist - Linda Bryant

Linda Bryant is a local artist and illustrator living on the Vineyard. She has published several books and calendars that are for sale in galleries and shops around the Island. Her whimsical detailed drawings are appreciated by kids and adults alike.


2022 Poster

Art by Linda Bryant


2021 Poster

Art by Elizabeth Whelan


2019 Poster

Art by Billie Jean Sullivan

2016 Poster

Art by Renee Balter


2013 Poster

Art by Traeger diPietro

2018 Poster

Art by Genevieve Jacobs

2015 Poster

Art by Ashley Chase

2012 Poster

Art by Stephanie Danforth

2017 Poster

Art by Janis Langley

2014 Poster

Art by Pam & Chip Coblyn

2011 Poster

Art by Leslie Baker

Festival T-Shirts

Child:  S, M          Adult:  S, M, L, XL

Ask about colors available

$20 per t-shirt, $10 extra if shipping

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